AVORA: New World Cocktail Experience - London

Welcome to Avora, an immersive new-world cocktail adventure in London. Sip on three delicious cocktails while interacting with the local Avorians and be in awe of the wonders of Avora.

Immersive experience inspired by Avatar
Movie-like set & Space jumpsuits provided
3 cocktails/mocktails each
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What can I expect from the Avora: Immersive Cocktail Experience
Avora is a first of its kind cocktail experience where guests embark on a discovery mission of a new world and enjoy unique cocktails along the way. The experience is a combination of impressive set design combined with live actors, talented mixologists and the latest projection mapping technology.

What happens if I arrive late?
The experience begins promptly at the time you booked so please arrive on time. Unfortunately, if you are running over 15 minutes late for your experience you will be unable to enter.

Where is the experience located?
Unit 5C, 127 Hackney Road, London E2 8GY

How long does the experience last?
The experience lasts 1 hour 45 minutes from the start time.

What size do your jumpsuits go up to?
We have a wide range of jumpsuit sizes from Small right up to 4 x XL. We hope you will be comfortable in these suits.

Can I take photos or record the experience?
Feel free to take photos and share them. When taking photos, please make sure not to disturb other customers.

Is the experience wheelchair friendly?
We are afraid to say that due to multiple steps within the experience between key moments the experience is not wheelchair friendly.

Is the experience suitable for pregnant women?
You will be seated for the majority of the experience, with minimal physical requirements other than moving between the three rooms.

All cocktails can be served as mocktails.

Will there be any mocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails?
Yes, each of our cocktails will be available in a non-alcoholic version.

What if I have an allergy?
At the start of the experience you will be asked to provide any allergies so our team are aware. Please do so at this stage as your drinks can then be tailored to suit your needs.

Do the cocktails contain nuts?
None of our cocktails contain nuts.

Will cocktails be suitable or tailored for vegans?
Yes, all of our cocktails served will be vegan friendly.

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The new world of Avora is ready and waiting to be explored! Pop on your jumpsuit and sip on three delicious cocktails – the ‘antidote’ to help you to acclimatise to the new planet’s atmosphere. Step through the gateway into the lush ecosystem of Avora and admire the world of unparalleled beauty while enjoying two more cocktail surprises. After entering during the daytime, watch in wonder as the magical surroundings transition into darkness and the landscape transforms into the extraordinary through its bioluminescent qualities. Are you ready to join the resistance and save Avora from human destruction? Get your tickets for Avora: A New World Cocktail Experience in London!

AVORA: New World Cocktail Experience - London
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