The Clink Prison Museum

  • A visit to the oldest prison in Britain
  • The Clink dates back to 1144
  • See and handle artefacts and torture devices
  • Learn about the scandalous history of the Thames riverside
  • Entrance to The Clink Prison Museum
    A free downloadable photograph

    Dating back to 1144, The Clink was the most notorious medieval prison in London and is today the oldest prison in Britain – although luckily it no longer keeps any criminals! With a rich and gruesome history that spans over 600 years, The Clink witnessed an incredible amount of social and political upheaval during it’s time.Learn about the raucous, unruly and wicked inhabitants of the prison, ranging from debtors, harlots, heretics, drunkards and even religious adversaries. Horrible histories and terrible tales of crimes and famed prisoners; see archaeological artefacts and handle old-style torture devices that would have been used to torment and punish.Situated in Southwark, which back in medieval times was a vibrant centre for debauched entertainment, take a self-guided tour around the museum, learn the scandalous truth of the medieval prison and get a photo taken which you can download after your visit.

    The Clink Prison Museum
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