PULSE: Beyond Delight

A daring evolution from the acclaimed ‘Delight', PULSE: Beyond Delight redefines Seoul. Immerse in 13 cutting-edge zones where myth, reality, tradition, and innovation intertwine. Discover an unparalleled experience, exclusive to London. Get your tickets now for a breathtaking journey into Seoul's vibrant heart!

All activities inside_Taking pictures, lying down, sitting down, dancing
Staying for as long as people want to
Free special app included a deep description and guide maps
Treasure Hunting Game (AR interactives)
Drinking and eating
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Venue Full Address:

Delight exhibition, Borough Yards, London (SE1 9AD)


How long does the experience last?
The visit will take around 60 to 90 minutes.

Will restrooms be available on site?
There are no restroom facilities within the exhibition.

Is the venue Prams and Pushchairs accessible?
Please note that prams and pushchairs are not allowed inside and should be stored at the ticket office.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
Please be aware that this experience involves multiple steps and is only accessible in parts on the ground floor. The exhibition is only partially wheelchair accessible; due to the building’s listing constraints, there is no access to the 1st floor.

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Immerse yourself in PULSE: Beyond Delight, a groundbreaking media art exhibition that brings the heart of Seoul to London. Building on the success of ‘Delight’, PULSE takes you deeper into Seoul's essence with stunning, thought-provoking installations. Experience the city's dynamic energy through cutting-edge digital projections, captivating landscapes, and authentic stories. Become part of Seoul's living narrative and witness the exquisite harmony of its technology and tradition. Don’t miss out and get your tickets today for PULSE: Beyond Delight in London!

PULSE: Beyond Delight
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