Shakespeare’s Globe Guided Tours

Step inside this faithful recreation of William Shakespeare’s iconic open-air Globe Theatre
A guided tour inside the reconstructed theatre with traditional Elizabethan interior
Expert guides will immerse you in Elizabethan drama
Learn about the tumultuous history of the theatre


Built in 1599, a turbulent past saw the Globe destroyed by fire in 1613, rebuilt on the same site a year later, and then demolished by Puritans in 1642 who feared the theatre was an un-godly place that lured people away from the church. Rebuilt and reopened in 1997 approximately 230 metres from the original site is the Globe that stands today, a project founded by the actor Sam Wanamaker, father to actress Zoe Wanamaker who played Madam Hooch in the Harry Potter films. Get a sense of what inspired Shakespeare to write some of his most famous plays, and imagine what an Elizabethan theatre-going crowd would have been like. Raucous taverns selling ale and brothels would have lined the streets, and most theatre goers in the cheap standing tickets could be found in the ale houses prior to a show. A far cry from the civilised Shakespearean crowds we see today. The tour will last 40 minutes with expert guides and storytellers colourfully setting the Elizabethan scene with live demonstrations, stage fighting, and a lesson on 17th century script printing. Once you’ve finished your tour, you’re in the perfect place to find a bite to eat, visit the Tate Modern, or stroll along the river to The London Eye.

Shakespeare’s Globe Guided Tours
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